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Air Education & Training Command-A3/6F Team: Spreading Joy

Evalisa Duffy

Evalisa Duffy

Together, WE can spread joy this holiday season by providing meals to OUR local community patrons in need. Due to our recent climate, we think it best to support the San Antonio Food Bank with monetary contributions. Every dollar we raise will advance the San Antonio Food Bank's great cause! $1 provides 10Lbs of much needed food. In an effort to expedite support to our local patrons, this event will be open through Friday, 12/11/2020.
Take care out there, and be safe.


$986 - OUTSTANDING!!!! = Together we enabled MEALS: 6,902 and LBS FOOD: 9,860


We have provided 5,502 meals to date with the donations OUR team has contributed..."Simply THE BEST"

We are going to help SOOO many families this holiday season!! Thank you Team!!!

You are ALL so AWESOME, AMAZING---Thank you for supporting this effort...


Ya'll...We did it!!! We have successfully met our established goal and am so proud of US!!! I can't wait to see the end result of our combined efforts--Take care and be safe out there...


TEAM, Thank you so much for your support and contributions towards this effort.


Day one and we are already able to provide 1260 lbs of food to our local families. Thank you for giving!!


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

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