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Natalia’s Birthday Wish for SA Food Bank

Natalia Chapa

Natalia Chapa

Hi! My community needs our help with the gift of food & nutrition. There’s a serious need. Have you seen the photos of the lines of cars? Please help my birthday wish come true by making a donation to my fundraiser for the SA Food Bank. Thank you for your generosity!


raised of $1,813 goal

Recent Donations

1. Greer Kemmett
Happy Birthday Natalia!
2. Anonymous
Happy birthday, Natalia!! You are a kind and compassionate young lady. On your birthday, you have done a very selfless act by giving rather than receiving. YOU will bear gifts to others—the precious gift of food. Continue to serve God. God bless you <3
3. Christian Albrecht
Happy birthday!
4. Liza Rodriguez
Happy Birthday Natalia! What a thoughtful way to celebrate! God bless.
5. Karla Phillips
Happy Birthday!
6. Isa Serna