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White Coats Feed Hope

BCMS Student Collaboration Committee

BCMS Student Collaboration Committee

Please help us support San Antonio Food Bank by making a contribution to this fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar raised will advance San Antonio Food Bank's great cause!
Together, we can make a difference!

The Student Collaboration Committee of BCMS is proud to sponsor White Coats Feed Hope, a fundraiser for the SA Food Bank. Over 55,000 individuals in San Antonio rely on the food bank each week. With your donation, we can help support the SA Food Bank together. With the Covid pandemic stretching on, now more than ever is the time to help your community. We recognize that everyone is struggling during this time and we greatly appreciate any size donation.

About Us
We are a collaboration of UTHSCSA and UIWSOM Medical Students working together to effect change in the medical profession and to support and advocate for our community. This is a student committee within the Bexar County Medical Society of San Antonio.

"Our mission is to form a community made up of medical students at both local institutions of Bexar County, in which to encourage collaboration and further advance our medical education and community involvement. We wish to expand the medical profession through training, community service, and patient advocacy to better serve Bexar County."


raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Dr. And Mrs. Len Profenna
2. Karla Munoz
3. A. Dearl Dotson, MD
4. Forrest Oliverson
5. Daniel Deane
6. Allison Stocker